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Will Instagram Tank?

Unskippable ads are now in full force on Instagram

Instagram users are not happy with Instagram's latest update. Unskippable ads have made its way across the platform, will this be the final nail in the coffin for Instagram? Is Instagram so certain that TikTok will be cancelled in the U.S., that they think users will have no choice but to return to Instagram?

Instagram is so unpredictable these days, from their failed shopping, notes, and flipside grid, to their horrible algorithm and very annoying Meta Ai. Instagram has gotten cumbersome and messy, compared to TikTok's scroll and search capabilities. There is no comparison.

Our predication is that Instagram will roll out an ad free subscription for their platform. Will you pay $4.99 a month for an ad free experience, or sit through an 8 second ad?

We will see how this plays out, our recommendation would be to get on TikTok as soon as possible, and use TikTok Notes and Pinterest for aesthetic photos. We don't see TikTok being cancelled any time soon, but Instagram will tank with this new update.

Is Instagram dead with their new ad break? Instagram in a dumpster fire in an alley


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