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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AWAKE's level of expertise?

We have been in marketing since the early '90s, and our expertise level is high. Our founder was also in business for many years, and has worked for Fortune 100 companies, and knows the foundations required for successful expansion. We are continually learning and growing our knowledge, as technology is continually evolving, and we like to stay on top of new trends and be innovative. We have invested in top quality photography, lighting and videography equipment and our set and food styling is eye-catching and memorable. Your company will benefit from the tens of thousands of hours of experience that we have accumulated over the years, and we are certain that you will be thrilled with our results and professionalism.

How do you price your marketing services?

We usually work with retainers for new clients, you will receive a comprehensive proposal of previously discussed  services and we recommend a 3 month trial basis, depending on what services are needed. If you have a certain budget in mind, we will work with you to create a marketing plan that will yield excellent results. Certain services, such as SEO or digital ads, can take time to build because it requires search engines time to register updates within their platforms. 

What is a ballpark marketing price?

Our prices range between $5K a month to $20K a month per brand, depending on the amount of services needed to achieve the client's desired results. Please see our list of services page for some ideas of what we do. Our initial quote is within a contract and a retainer during the first steps of onboarding, in order to keep project scopes and budgets in check. As our projects continue, we will recommend and revise our contracts for your brand's optimal marketing results.

What types of payment are acceptable?

We accept e-transfer, cash or cheque as a retainer, and if clients want to collect points on their credit cards for marketing expenses, we will accept credit cards with an additional 3% built into the contract to cover the credit card fees. We also work with successful brands that want to offer dividends, partnerships, or shares in their company, to off-set some of their start-up marketing costs. 

Are there package options?

Absolutely! We like to work with clients initially on a retainer basis, to assess exactly what type of creative and platforms are working well for them, and then curate a customized marketing strategy, plan and calendar going forward.  It always takes a few months for an accurate assessment in order to recommend services that will exponentially increase results. We definitely recommend in keeping all marketing work under our full production house, please read our blog post on why it works well in these fast moving times.

What is your refund policy?

We do not issue refunds on retainers, but if a client is unhappy with our initial work, we will offer as many revisions as required, up to their initial investment. It's highly unusual for our clients to be dissatisfied with our work, but once our deliverables have been fulfilled, the client can cancel the remainder of their contract without penalties. We will supply all paid files for their future use, unless there is a stipulation in place for work with certain models, or artwork, that have a contingency attached to them.

Technical support

Depending on a client's time constraints and technology acumen, we curate a program that best suits the their needs. Usually we use organizational software such as Notion, but with certain clients, we will use email, Slack or WhatsApp to send items for approval. Marketing is always a time sensitive endeavour, so however we can hit targets and posts for optimal engagement, we will work in the most efficient way possible!

What does AWAKE require to get started?

We require a signed contract and a retainer to get started, as well as access to any available marketing files. We usually ask to review existing files, and the backend of your website, to be able to create an accurate quote, as some company's files and systems may not have been updated and not saved in ideal formats for usability.

Marketing best practices

We really appreciate clients that use best practices in regards to preparation and communication. For example, if we are scheduled for a photo or video shoot, to have your products available and in top condition. We appreciate timely communications and feedback, as last minute changes can have a negative impact on results. We appreciate clients that use specific directives, or briefs, when asking for creative work or edits. We appreciate clients that use a ticket system and write clear emails in bullet form for directives. We can definitely provide helpful training on how to optimize marketing efforts within your team for faster and more accurate deliverables.

How do I order services?

There are a few ways to start the onboarding process. You can contact us directly by email, or you can fill out our contact form, or receive a free estimate. If you would like to give us in-depth information to speed up the initial process, please review the questions in our free branding workbook or take our marketing insights course.

Are there any guarantees?

Absolutely! If you follow our recommendations for marketing growth, you will see results from campaigns, social media posts and digital ads. Whatever your goals are for your brand, we will ensure that the content will work for your targeted audience. 

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