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Viral this week

Instagram is testing 3 and 10 minute reels

Instagram seems to be following the TikTok game plan from 2021 and testing3 minute and 10 minute videos. They will be increasing their creator fund to entice users to upload longer content. Users will not be able to record long videos on the app, but can upload and edit in the app.

The popularity of Instagram was being able to quickly scroll through your friend's feed and like posts, getting up to date quickly. Hence the branding "Insta" and "gram" - an amalgam of instant camera and telegram.

This changes the entire premise of Instagram, they do not have the greatest algorithm and would not be considered a search engine like TikTok.

Maybe Instagram is betting on TikTok being banned in the U.S. and anticipating users to migrate platforms. Instagram is definitely not as user friendly as TikTok and has a specific aesthetic that users will not want to give up.

We'll have to see how this giant step away from their brand will work, if they are trying to take on YouTube, they will have to match YouTube's amazing monetization.

instagram 3 minute reels - will it work? awake marketing holding a iPhone 15 pro max with instagram app


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