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Disruptive Packaging

What is disruptive packaging?

Disruptive, unexpected or pattern interruption packaging is trending. Some examples of this new marketing strategy are:

  • Sunscreen in a whipped cream can

  • Olive oil in a soda can

  • Electrolytes in a soap dispenser

  • Tampons in an ice cream tub

  • Coffee in a motor oil can

  • Soft serve in a pouch

  • Vodka in a milk carton

  • Alcohol in a motor oil can

  • Perfume in a Windex spray bottle

Chaos Packaging Examples

The benefits of unexpected packaging are:

  • Stands out on shelves - easy to spot, draws interest and better chance for purchase

  • Gives attention to product through disruption

  • Easy memorable branding

  • Less expensive to use existing packaging rather than custom packaging

  • Faster to market with existing packaging redefined

  • Less expensive shipping costs

  • Efficient packaging can add extra shelf space

  • Better perceived value, customers will like this on their shelves

  • A great talking point, customers will share on socials and word of mouth

  • Less breakage when using more durable packaging

AWAKE Marketing are experts at sourcing disruptive packaging for your concept. We have extensive knowledge in working with suppliers overseas. Contact us to start your designs now!


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