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Scalable Content Ideas

How to choose a content theme that has legs.

Scalable content is choosing one theme that is strong enough to stand on its own and go far.

Digital marketing is lightning fast, with multiple platforms to post on daily. Scalable content can be reworked to fit each platform's preferences and raise interest in your products and services.

The best type of scalable content is product or service adajecent. Viewers do not have a short attention span, they have higher standards than they did a few years ago. If you are a restaurant, we've all seen the slo-mo pour and cinematography of dishes. It's time to level up!

Each industry will have its own unique theme to work with, here are a few examples of scalable content that can be used for years and be reworked for all platforms:

  1. A restaurant with a dressed table outside their doors with a sign that says "Hungry? Come have a free meal on us" and ask permission to film them eating and talk with them. This works well for a location with a lot of foot traffic. The product adjacent is them eating and enjoying the food, the scalable content is showing that you care about people.

  2. A financial advisor can take comments from their socials and give advice to their viewers. It can be done on a live after they have built up a following. Give away ebooks on their website and collect emails to keep in touch with potential new clients.

  3. There's a coffee shop that drives around and gives people compliments on the street and the videos of people smiling is great scalable content.

  4. Any type of mascot always works, it can be of an animal or a charachter. Order a costume and film around your business. Duolingo does this well.

  5. Behind the scenes content, those nightclub videos about what the cleaners find after a busy night are very popular and people have not grown tired of them yet.

  6. Tutorials of any kind. How-to videos for bakeries, interior designers can do come with me to pick out curtains. How to check your engine if you are mechanic. How to save money if you are a grocer, videos about showing the days when their sales start, or great alternatives to more expensive food items.

  7. If you are a realtor, tell stories about client successes and fails. How to stage your home when selling, or what to look for when buying a home. These can be faceless videos with writing over tours of homes. A great scalable idea that realtors used to do was give away free long distance, people in his area would just have to listen to the realtor's short ad and then they could phone long distance for a few minutes.

If you need help with scalable content ideas, contact us, we can create a full strategy with ideas, and even make videos for your brand!

Lady behind a camera for a vlog


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