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The crackdown on family vloggers

Will there be laws protecting children being exploited in family vlogs? This eye-opening NYT article shows the concerning metrics behind the fame. How long are the effects of toddler exploitation? What happens when the parents are seen spending all of the money on luxury cars and handbags while feeding their children macaroni and cheese?

Instagram and TikTok have age requirements that mommy vloggers skate around by posting for the child. TikTok, Instagram and Facebook have yet to put up any boundaries for engagement, while YouTube has at least turned off comments on any videos that show children.

We hope in the future that toddlers are not allowed to be monetized, if family vloggers choose to show their children in their videos, those videos are shadow banned, not counted for monetization, and brands cannot repurpose. Subscription services on any platform should be prohibited for anyone under the age of 18. Payment platforms should also not allow funds being paid to underage subscribers.

We've been reading snark pages on Reddit about certain mommy vloggers and the vitriol being written should be enough to have family vlogger accounts cancelled.

It seems that no one wants to lose the profits off of these unconsenting young children.

If there are brands that are paying mommy vloggers, please contact the companies directly and ask that they remove sponsorships for any families that regularly post their children. There are so many creators that they could work with that are over the age of 18.

Just the idea of setting up and moving a tri-pod around your home is baffling, training your children to pretend to ignore the set-up or being trained to perform in front of the camera is abusive to their right to privacy.

Tri pod set up in a living room - mommy vloggers are exploiting their children


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