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Selling Tech Successfully

Selling tech successfully is found in the genius story of James Watts. He applied customization from a calculation found in the 1702 book called “The Miner’s Friend” where the author, Thomas Savery, explained that a steam engine could replace the work of horses.

James Watts oversimplified the technical aspects of steam engines and coined the term “Horse Power”. This term made it easy for mine owners to understand that his improved steam engine could do the work of ten horses. His sales blew up over night.

Same goes for selling tech, we approach business owners with easy to understand solutions that saves on operation costs.

A good case study is when we took an online ordering system off of a generic SquareSpace retail desktop application and replaced it with a customized app. The app and desktop version were extremely user-friendly, filled with intuitive options. Customers often enjoy customizing their meals themselves and we leveraged that preference to the hilt.

Sales skyrocketed, and the business did not have to hire more staff because the ordering system could also be customized for the kitchen’s capacity.

We were one of the first websites to offer online custom options during the pandemic and it paid off in spades for the client.

If you are a business owner struggling to find great employees, contact us to add horsepower to your business with intuitive solutions. It’s cost effective to leverage tech, rather than training staff. Great software has to be updated, but it never quits!

off to the races with awake marketing tech solutions


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