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Product Launch Guide

The Magic Sauce for amazing results

Product Launch:

  • Limit your launches to three per year, as the entire process from teasers to post-launch typically spans about 8 weeks of preparation time for each launch.

  • Consider having spring, summer, and Christmas launches, but every industry is unique.

  • If you have a large marketing budget, launches every quarter is profitable, if you have amazing products available.

Create FOMO through emails:

  • Highlight limited availability or quantities to generate FOMO.

  • Create a separate landing page for each launch.

  • Add a waitlist sign-up button to emails directed to landing page.

  • Add handouts to shopping bags and shipping boxes letting customers

  • Boost sales by offering incentives like, “The first 10 orders receive a free sample..”

Use social media to build awareness:

  • Start dropping hints to your audience about 2 weeks before the launch.

  • Increase your launch-related content week by week leading up to the launch.

  • Share stories of behind the scenes to prepare for launch - boxes arriving, working at night to get ready, modelling some of the new products and show how they can be beneficial to your customers.

  • Let customers know as soon as the items become available a few days before. If your product is showing high traffic on the launch page, let customers know exactly when the website is open for orders, and when a restock will be available.

  • Encourage customers during the pre-launch to share their product experiences online

Website launch

  • A countdown timer works great for ETA of product availability

  • Enable a live chat on your launch page so customers can ask questions

  • Use those questions on your social media pages to assist customers

  • Ensure that your website can handle a high amount of traffic at once

  • Once product is launched, update website hourly with items that sold out, there’s nothing worse than customers clicking on items and then seeing sold out. Update inventory in real time by removing listings as they are sold out.

  • Itemize your listings, if you sell something like jewellery and they are available in gold and silver, show each listing separately so you can archive items and customers can quickly grab whatever is available and not waste time clicking through endless out of stock listings.

  • Show on home page when items will be available for restock and collect visitor’s information to reach out to them once the product is available again

  • Make sure at the checkout page to thank customers and offer them a small discount code on other items that are available in your regular inventory to add to their order.

  • Free shipping is always a great incentive

Maintain the buzz post-launch:

  • Show behind-the-scenes order fulfillment.

  • Keep customers up to date on restock news.

  • Share customer’s online testimonials.

  • Make some unboxing videos with your favourite creators, ensure that your packaging is nice enough for videos.

  • Check your company hashtags and tagged videos for content.

  • Make sure to comment on customer’s product videos, good or bad. Control the narrative and ensure that you guarantee your products in comments, it’s great PR that other people see that you care about your customers and you might win new business.

Create amazing sales with our product launch guide, if you are wanting an awesome team to increase your sales, contact us today!

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