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Level Up

Time to skyrocket your business into a new hemisphere with services that delight and grab your audience's attention to drive record sales


Social Media Trends


It takes expertise to share appropriate trends to your social media platforms. Your brand will gain more exposure and credibility when your followers share your videos!

unlimited edits  for marketing subscription plans

Unlimited Edits

New subscription plans for the busy business owner.

Hassle free marketing with unlimited edits! Easy budgeting with no surprises. See our plans here



Want a cult brand? We've done it.

We create cool brands for all industries


We recommend advertising on TikTok

Make amazing profiles and ads for social media


Love sales? You got it!

Create the best advertising and marketing strategies

About us


We've worked in clubs, pubs, hospitality, cannabis, wines & spirits, franchises, health and beauty, plus a cool dating app. We've been lucky to work with clients that know a great overall  reputation will launch their company among the stars. 

We have international marketing experience that will give your business edge.

We save you time

We track the latest trends and figure out which ones work the best for your brand. We do the research, creation, implementation and track the results and you are free to lead your business.

Work with us

Send us an email with your wish list, budget parameters, timeline and goals.  We will customize a marketing strategy to launch, or upgrade, your brand

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