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Why Awake?

Why choose us for your marketing strategy and production?

Free Marketing Course

We've created a difficult marketing course that can stump the most prepared business owners. Test your knowledge now!

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Content Ideas

How to create scalable content to keep up with every platform.

Social Media ROI

How to calculate your return on investment for social media

Social Media Pro Tips

Get 14 free professional tips for social media success.

TikTok is the new Google

Why your business needs to have a successful TikTok account

We've increased our service offerings to be a full content production house, no need to piecemeal out projects, hire AWAKE for all of your marketing needs.

Social Content

We create all online content your business will need to attract and engage with new and existing customers. When content creation is under one roof, it's faster and your business needs speed to outshine the competition.

Photography & Videography

One agency means freedom from intellectual property issues. One production house can share all files without hinderances. Your marketing dollars will go so much farther when you hire one production house for all of your photos and videos.


Achieve consistent tone, brand files, file storage, photo filters, editing style, camera, audio and lighting equipment. One team to ensure there are no holes in your marketing. Your business deserves full campaigns and coverage.


Communication must be timely to keep up with full marketing coverage. Not all agencies work weekends, and they do not work at the same pace. There's nothing more costly than trying to launch a full campaign with missing assets. Keep your marketing all in one place for best results.

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