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14 Pro Tips from a Social Media Expert

We are giving you the latest and greatest tips to look like a pro!

Know your Memes:

Use audio memes correctly - nothing says boomer faster than using an audio meme incorrectly.

Know what’s Viral:

Use viral trends correctly and as quick as possible, if it works with your brand. If you like a trend, but it doesn’t work with your audience, don’t worry, there will be another trend along soon that will match your brand better.

Fake Followers? No Bueno.

Fake likes and followers is the biggest ick, people will look up your followers to see if they are real, and fake followers, comments and likes will kill your engagement and reach. Instagram has a bot detector, and it will shadowban your account.

Simplify Your Bio:

Keep your bio clear and concise, special fonts are over and add a few well researched hashtags for the best reach.

Stay in the App after Posting:

Interact with a like or a reply to the first 5 to 10 comments after posting. (Responding to each comment looks a bit desperate)

Post with Confidence:

The people who get it are you top fans, and the people who don’t get it, might eventually - it’s okay to be ahead of the trends too!

Your Instagram Grid is a Magazine:

Your posts should look great together, use a grid planner. If you can plan out every 9 posts, that is a full phone screen. Don’t use your Instagram grid as a bulletin board, this isn’t the place to post temporary content, use stories and highlights because it has the links option.

Prioritize your Followers:

If you happen to post something with high engagement, keep it up, make it a series, campaign, or an ad. Leverage those free insights like a pro!

Maintain a Full Profile:

Maintain a cohesive and visually appealing page with a magazine quality grid, updates and news in stories and highlights. Keep your grid professional with aesthetically pleasing posts and reels, and use the temporary stories and highlights to create urgency. There's nothing worse than highlights that say 780 days ago.

Respectful Selling Practices:

Don’t DM followers randomly, but if they ask to see a link, or have a question, use that opportunity to engage promptly and professionally. Be a human, those canned auto-replies will give your followers such an ick.

Ethical Engagement:

Delete and block competitors trying to poach customers in comments, turn off automatic post tags and mentions. Review post tags and share the ones that look the best. Remove tags from subpar content. Keep the story tags on, but you will have to be monitoring those 24/7. Let people use your sound as an audio, but turn off remix and download options on reels to protect your content.

Clarity in Captions:

Jumbled word salad and bad grammar is off-putting, long and confusing captions make for an instant unfollow. Keep it relevant and use Google or Ai for some caption ideas. Check with Grammarly for any mistakes.

Stay updated on the Latest News:

Something trending today might be offensive by morning - be ready to delete outdated content when needed.

Refresh your Followers:

This takes forever, but go to search and start at the beginning of the alphabet and review all follower’s profiles to see if they are current. Instagram has the "least interacted with" feature that you can use too. Search for underscores or letters like u and x, a lot of bots have strange profile names. Remove all followers that are abandoned, or are bots. This will help increase your engagement rate. Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram just said on X, “Follower counts matter less than view and like counts. I understand why people focus so much on follower counts; they're prominent and they're easy to find. But if you actually want to get a sense for how relevant an account is, look at their how many likes they get per post and how many views per reel instead.”

If you are too busy to implement our social media pro tips, you can hire us to manage your social media, connect with us here.

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