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Employee Affiliate Programs

How to win over your employees through trackable bonuses and rewards

Shift your business to a "sales first" company rather than just selling a product or service.

By giving your employees an affiliate code that can be used online or in-person, you will be able to track the marketing efforts for themselves and your company.

Employees are already the face of your brand, you hired them and now empower them to increases sales in a few ways:

  1. Employees add their promo code links in their own social media bios

  2. Supply them with referral cards with a QR code and personal discount code

  3. They can give cards to their friends and family to share with others

  4. Friends and family can promote their code online

  5. They can put their card in takeout orders or online parcels

Employee discount codes are great for:

  1. Takeout orders

  2. Catering orders

  3. Gift Cards

  4. Merchandise

  5. In-person shopping or dining

  6. Special events and promotions

When the employees hit a certain revenue target, there are bonuses or rewards. and if a certain employee exceeds a revenue target tied to their promo code, they will receive a bonus or reward. Make the bonus structure substantial, not a pizza party, because once customers can use their friends and family bonus, they might be repeat customers.

By expanding the use of affiliate codes to various aspects of the business, staff members have more opportunities to earn rewards, and customers have more ways to support the business while enjoying its offerings and feeling like they are assisting their favourite staff members.

You can offer this on a monthly basis, as to keep employees interested and motivated. You can do this affiliate program in lieu of a yearly staff party, and use the usual proceeds for bonuses.

100% of employees would rather have money than a party! Start your employee affiliate program today, contact us on how to add it to your marketing!

Awake Marketing happy employees giving out promo code referral cards


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