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Marketing Metrics

Here are a few things we measure and are constantly improving for successful marketing campaigns:

Cost per click - keyword research, ad quality, landing pages to track specific campaigns, ad extensions, geo targeting, dayparting, ad position and device targeting.

Customer per acquisition - the costs of a photoshoot, advertising, marketing materials, ad creation, monitoring and editing as needed divided by how many customers were acquired from the campaign.

Click through rate - compelling ad copy, relevance, eye catching visuals, targeted audience, A/B testing, ad placement.

Cost per mille - cost per thousand views. CPM is often used in display advertising, where advertisers pay for the number of times their ad is shown, regardless of how many clicks it receives.

Frequency cap - set your ad frequency cap to max five times a week. Three times a week is ideal, we want to avoid viewers reporting the digital ads as it will hinder the scaling of your campaign.

MER and ROA - Marketing Efficiency Ratio and Return on Ad Spend, where the investment was placed, how much the advertising cost divided by how many sales came from that particular campaign.

Attribution models - focus on understanding and assigning credit to the various touchpoints or interactions a customer has during their journey. It addresses questions like which marketing channels or ads influenced the customer's decision to make a purchase. Measuring last click, first click, linear, time decay and U shaped attributions.

Digital Advertising Metrics AWAKE Marketing Calgary, Alberta Canada

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