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Marketing Calendars

What to add to your marketing calendar

As seasoned social media managers, we would ask operations to plan exciting new items every month. There was always a lot of resistance, because it takes a lot of planning and money to offer new products, but it's worth it.

The reason that NEW works in marketing is because it creates excitement. You want to harness that energy in your marketing, give people a reason to come back to your location, your profile and sign up for exclusive emails.

It's crucial to have processes that accommodate this level of production, from sourcing, curating, ordering, tagging, training, selling, takes a lot of time, money and effort to cater to your customers.

There is an enormous amount of competition out there, if your business sales aren't growing, your staff aren't pushing the envelope and your marketing department are resting on their laurels, it's time to shake things up. Contact us to get back on top.

Marketing Calendar what should be in it


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