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Words matter

Investing in the right communication depends on the management you hire, if they understand that their words matter, your business will flourish!

A telltale sign of intelligence is being able to take complex tasks and simplify them into easy-to -understand instructions. Using simplified language proves that the person understands the concepts enough to explain them. (It is also a sign of high emotional intelligence)

This is a highly sought after skill in marketing, when introduced to new business, we have to quickly understand the company, its goals, its capabilities, its competitors, target audience, marketplace impact and turnaround times to effectively to start any type of demand marketing.

What really obstructs progress is corporate lingo. The more clarification we need, the longer campaigns take and the less likely it is to hit company goals.

A comment on TikTokker @loewhaley's account said "If you can't communicate work in a manner that allows it to be successful, perhaps leadership isn't right for you" As Gen Z is coming up in the workplace, older and more established businesses will have to work hard to gain the trust of this generation.

Here are a few examples of ways to avoid corporate jargon if you want effective marketing and attract younger workers and customers:

Ducks in a row < sort out

EOD < tonight or this evening

Deep dive < look into it

Run it up the flag pole < get feedback

Disrupt the market < try something new

Ideate < think of

Pivot < switch

Team < collaborate

Circle back < follow up

Win-win < let's be fair

*the < means more than

Batman and Robin cartoon meme about corporate jargon

Demand marketing refers to the process wherein marketers find a way to generate demand – or commercial interest — for its products. To achieve this, they need buyers to become aware of the company and the specific products it markets, and to get them interested in purchasing those products.


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