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Why did we name our marketing agency AWAKE?

Because we are hyper aware of trends, we add value by always giving extra to our clients, and keeping their brands relevant and likable in today's market. What we do for each service category:


When we create a brand, it has to be scalable, we create a large library of assets that work well on signage, merch, print and digital. We are superior in brand creation because we offer clients more visual elements than normal industry standards. Depending on the company, we usually add extra assets by seasons. Spring, summer, fall and winter icons for example. We have extensive experience in social media, and we want your brand to stay fresh and updated for years to come.

Social Media Management:

We are aware of trends, current events and public interests, and how changes to each can affect your social media. Successful social media campaigns are a mix of timing, public relations, attention grabbing captions with stunning visuals for entertaining and informing your viewers.

Photography and Videography:

We are very aware of what is needed for great photos and videos. Lighting, audio, set styling, food styling, props, editing styles, music choices, videography and photography trends. Based on new developments, we create trending campaigns that work for your brand. Flash photography and dark moody photos are trending this year, along with green screen, aesthetic, memes and POV trends in video production.

Email Marketing:

There are trends in email marketing too, whatever we create will be easy to load and fun to scroll on your mobile. Responsive email design is a must. We love to add a link to a new landing page, that we created, in order to track real time analytics.

Responsive Websites with full Search Engine Optimization:

We only create responsive websites now, static mobile websites are definitely out. We use every aspect of your website to exceed SEO minimums. We definitely recommend a blog and different platform ads with links for growth.

Writing and Blogging:

Our writing is an art form, between interesting captions, ads, and emails; our writers are set apart from the usual. Our writing is always about working with trends, current events and public interests. Staying aware of what is going on in a client's local community, and on a global scale, is rare in marketing. Combining trends with social media posts and blogs is a great way will make your brand memorable.

Digital Ads:

We keep up with digital ads trends, some ads that convert well:

  • Video ads

  • UCG ads

  • Comparitive ads

  • Interactive ads

  • Native ads

  • Meme ads

We also provide full reports where your marketing dollars are spent. We do not add on a management fee when posting your ads, it is always included in the quotes.

Printwork and Merch:

We have designed hats, beanies, tees, hoodies, paper products, lanyards, beverage cans, tradeshow booths, billboards, stickers, mail-outs, menus, posters, signage, business cards, postcards and more. We have a roster of amazing printers that supply high quality products that will stand out from the competition. We are also different because we pass on our wholesale discounts to our clients, many agencies keep the discount as a kickback. We want our clients to be able to get as many marketing assets as possible.

If you are looking for a full professional production house that is aware of trends, has honest billings, does quality work, and wants to know everything about your company to make your business more successful, get a free estimate today!

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