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Viral Video Productions

Is your company bold, generous and flexible?

Set up your successful social media with these four items below to ensure consistency when attempting to capture viral content. It's a production with many facets.

Woman amazed at awesome social media video

If you are lucky enough to have those unicorn employees that have skit acting skills (see previous blog) and want to be on call for capturing trends, there are four investment costs to consider:

Flexible Work Policies: implementing flexibility for employees that are involved in creating the skits. They need access to the location before the shift, they need to set up and stage the area for the video. That requires cleaning, polishing, prop, lighting and equipment assembly. Employees might require less time at their job, as prepping for videos is a lot of work.

Payment: This is far outside of their regular work schedule and duties, staff are to be paid a UGC standard rate for their time. Skits require people to be camera ready and it costs them money for make-up and styling. Plus being on call for fast turnaround on viral content.

Props and Equipment: If costumes, props or extra video equipment are needed, these can be purchased or rented. There has to be fast purchase process and budgets for this.

Flexible Branding Policies: Maximizing viral content only works with lightning fast approval processes. A lot of trust has to happen for viral content to be uploaded, and it really pays to be brave. See the 2024 TikTok trend report here.

Being bold, generous and flexible is truly the only significant way to increase social engagement. If you have a talented videographer/editor that is up on trends, pay them well.

If you need assistance with creating trending videos, we can help. Contact us.


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