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Video Trends

Video editing trends change over time. Before 2020 fast, flashy high energy videos were all the rage, now social audiences are leaning towards comfort videos. The FaceTime video call trend is very popular, influencers are talking to their screens like they are on a call with their bestie. The videos do not have background music added, the edit cuts are longer and not jumpy. The videos are longer, sometimes up to 10 minutes, stabilized and easy to watch as many viewers have complained about motion sickness when watching poorly filmed videos.

A lot of influencers are travelling and showing the sights are POV, taking the audience along for the trip. Videos in a taxi, a calm span of restaurants and lobbies. Sharing travel tips, favourite restaurants, retail stores and hotels. Many popular influencers are doing GRWM trends and talking into the camera as they do their morning make-up routines and talking about the day they have planned, or asking the audience for advice about parenting or best travel spots. This type of engagement gives the viewer validation, a sense of friendship, and a sneak peek into their favourite creator's day and mindset.

This type of video trend is popular now for two reasons:

Subtle selling, where products are either featured, or used in the video without being mentioned. Also subtle product placement in the background or placed on tables of podcasts is popular. The influencer will be paid by the company for showing the product in the video, and also could make a percentage of sales from their promo code.

The content can be repurposed for a YouTube video where monetization is still better than TikTok, and videos can be cut for shorter videos for Instagram. Smart creators offer partnerships on all 3 platforms for the most money.

In any type of marketing, a great reminder is,"People don't like to be sold to, they want to shop with their friends."

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