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Website Training Portals

Discover the ease of our personalized web portal solutions for your training needs! Investing in our services not only aligns the portal with your company's identity but also simplifies processes compared to traditional paper methods, while saving on printing costs.

Here's a glimpse into what our training portals offer:

  • Robust security features like password-protected logins and secure hosting

  • Individual log-ins for easy progress tracking, backed by secure user authentication.

  • Convenient app access for swift removal of access when needed

  • Onboarding documents with PDF annotation capabilities, designed to lighten the load for payroll administrators

  • Engaging assessments and quizzes to understand the acumen and motivation of new hires

  • Recognitions in the form of certifications and badges for those completing their training successfully

  • Document protection through watermarks, time stamps, and digital signatures for NDA requests

  • Access controls to ensure only authorized employees can edit documents

  • Time-tracking functionality to monitor engagement with training materials

  • A customized, branded training platform with personalized messaging for a welcoming culture

  • User-friendly app access, making it a breeze for employees to interact seamlessly.

  • Online live chat to assist employees, giving managers more time for other tasks

Experience the friendliness of our solutions, designed to make your employee's training journey smoother and more enjoyable! Our goal for your business is less turnover, attracting the best staff and creating an awesome work culture.


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