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Third-party posting is 👎🏼

Social media algorithms prioritize content that encourages engagement and genuine interactions. Using third-party publishing platforms hurt your social reach because when platforms update their programming, it might not align to Instagram's compliance rules, and you would never know.

Ten reasons why we ALWAYS post manually:

  1. Third-party platforms can't post reels correctly - Instagram thumbnails need to be aligned manually and have to be added afterwards. Sometimes Instagram adds a little black screen at the end of a reel and you have to manual edit that out before posting.

  2. Third-party posts do not automatically share to stories, or to your linked Facebook account, so you will have to go into the profiles anyway, why not post manually and optimize the social algorithms correctly?

  3. The captions are always wonky, when you're using a desktop to add captions, the paragraphs on the screen are different than the posting requirements, indentation and spacing is always off.

  4. Emojis in captions are always off - spacing and indentation is weird.

  5. Hashtags are useless in third-party posting platforms, they have to be added manually for Instagram to read them.

  6. World events - when you have your posts on autopilot, something major could happen and your post is tone deaf. Not a good look. You want to be in control of your messaging at all times, and be able to adapt quickly in these unprecedented times.

  7. Data - you're giving away precious data to these platforms. Free comprehensive insights are already available in Instagram, this party platforms are not teaching you anything new and they steal your data for their own use and no recourse for you.

  8. Third-party platforms are over reaching, when you sign up they usually want you to login through your personal Facebook account or Google. Their programs monitor everything you are doing in these accounts with zero privacy.

  9. It's expensive for sub-par results, the only thing third party platforms are for is the approval process, but it's costly and better to use a free organizing service for that and post manually.

  10. Social media is meant to be a direct connection to your followers, third-party posting is decreasing the chances of optimizing your reach.

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