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Social Media Trends 2024

What does the new year hold for socials media in 2024?

2024 is all about embracing vibes. As we navigate the post-lockdown landscape, let's dive into the world of video sharing on Instagram, where the app has shifted from just pictures to a lively messaging space.

To win hearts, focus on creating videos that are not just relatable but downright irresistible for sharing. People share for the thrill of being first, combating FOMO, staying connected, sending a cheeky message, or just having a good laugh. The reasons are as diverse as the content out there.

Say goodbye to 2019 tactics; the social media game has evolved since the lockdown binge-watching days. Posting outdated strategies or hard-selling can be a bit of a turn-off, we've all had 2 full years of social media and we've seen it all. In this era of lo-fi and memes, it's crucial to connect with your audience authentically.

Remember, your viewers are the VIPs. Show them some love, and your business might just get the winning edge over a more transactional style companies.


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