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Social Media Strategies for Every Day

Social Media Strategy for Every Day Businesses

When a business sells essential products, static photos will not be featured on social media platforms. The algorithm is trained to push popular content that is entertaining and inspiring. A few examples of entertaining or inspiring content would be an ultra luxury lifestyle, a DIY project, or an epic video. Topics that hold a viewer’s attention in the first two seconds of a video.

If your company’s social media is languishing at a few likes, here are some tips that will help move the needle to gain traction on socials:

Reels > Photos

Connection > Selling

Entertainment > Products

Data suggests that consumers are more receptive to content that entertains rather than sells.

Engagement metrics, such as likes, shares, and comments, often indicate that entertaining content generates higher interaction rates. You want to get them into the door, we can help.

Algorithms immediately favour popular content, so if your reel is being engaged with right away, it will be pushed to the for you page.

Here are ways to build your following and still push products:

  • Create an interesting and engaging reel with a gorgeous thumbnail for your grid with an interesting caption

  • Sell on your stories only and use links to guide followers directly to your product, make the stories captivating and do not use the text that is available on the platform, rather design the full story and add the link.

  • Put 100% effort into the creative design of your story, it will pay off

  • Create an organized highlight from your gorgeous stories

  • Don’t use spammy hashtags, use ones that build connection with your followers

  • You can use product placement and their benefits in your reels, it’s a subtle way to show products

  • Soft selling works in stories

Sell on your stories with high quality design, create connection with unexpected content that followers will want to share on your grid.

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