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Social Media ROI

Your social media is a direct line to consumer.

Sometimes there is a direct line of showing sales from a viral video, but a lot of times the data insights aren't showing purchase results. We can definitely tell you what happens when you don't have amazing social media, the guarantee that you will be forgotten.

A business will gamble on investing in a location, on inventory, on staffing. What are the returns on investment for those? You won't know for years, as you build the business. Relying on word of mouth is way too slow, you want to stay on the minds of your community. What do people check first when driving by a location? The website and their socials.

Your social media is your best calling card, what's the vibe, what's the product, what's the price point? If an interested viewer sees that you are popular on socials, and they see you have good online reviews, it is more likely they will visit your location.

One of the first things to go when a business is struggling is their social media, they reduce their marketing dollars when the very opposite is true. Update your website, put out better content, ask the social media manager if they could engage more with active followers. When your business likes a photo from a follower, that is better than an email that might not get opened.

Your social media is a direct line to consumer, and when your profile is popular, your brand has klout. Followers are excited that you noticed them and if they DM you, or answer a comment, DM them a coupon or a VIP offer.

So what are tangible ROIs for social media?

  • Great social media keeps you from being forgotten

  • You are building a loyal following daily

  • It's an open line of communication with customers

  • It's in your Top Ten ways to gain marketshare

  • It keeps your competitors guessing

  • Your business acumen is a direct reflection of your social media success

  • A great social media presence is worth a lot when selling your company

  • You attract better staff that care about where they work

  • Amazing socials boosts morale and craftsmanship

If you have to make cuts during this economic downturn, slim down operations. It's much easier to replace or rehire crew members than it is to retrain marketing staff. The learning curve is steep when trying to hire marketing managers that have learned your brand and achieved the standards that your followers have gotten used to.

Social media is competitive, a few boring posts and the brand is toast.

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