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Shrinkflation and Marketing

Burger King is facing a lawsuit that's moving forward after their attempt to dismiss it was rejected by the judge. If BK ends up losing, they could be on the hook for a hefty $5 million in damages for allegedly using misleading photos and claims in their burger ads. But they're not alone—shrinkflation lawsuits have more than doubled in 2022.

The culprit here seems to be a lack of communication. When companies forget to loop in their marketing executives about ingredient changes, it's becoming a recipe for legal trouble. So, marketing agencies, take note: it's crucial to track and store the directives received, and the approval of content. It's very good practice; it might just save you from getting caught up in a legal pickle down the road.

Keep all records of processes and approvals when dealing with large clients, remember when Balenciaga dropped their lawsuit against their production company for those sickening ads involving children?

As marketing professionals, we are the bridge between shareholder's interests and the general public, at AWAKE we are 100% for public interest, because with the rise of TikTok, transparency and honest business practices are non-negotiable.

Currently there are massive amounts of viral videos of customers weighing their groceries and finding much less product than what is stated on the package.

As always, honesty is the best policy when it comes to shrinkflation and marketing.


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