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Rule of 7 is outdated

The rule of 7 in advertising definitely does not apply anymore.

The old rule of 7 in advertising meant that if a consumer sees your ad 7 times, it would be likely that they would make a purchase. The opposite is now true, too much repetition of an ad is a nuisance, and the liklihood of a purchase is less likely.

Here are 10 ways to get sales from digital ads:

  1. Compelling ads to catch attention on the first view.

  2. Have something exciting to offer.

  3. Target your ads correctly to a very specific audience.

  4. Create different style ads for different platforms.

  5. Different imagery for stories, posts, videos, banner ads etc.

  6. Design ad links with a very easy to use sales funnel.

  7. Ensure your ad is very easy to understand.

  8. Keep your ad simple, not too many details.

  9. Humour works great, memes, click bait or shock value.

  10. Ad campaigns start at the right time.

It is important to create full coverage of an entire ad campaign, digital ads are only a small part of your success. A comprehensive campaign has:

  1. Instagram - posts, reels, highlights with links, stories with links.

  2. Facebook - posts and stories with direct links.

  3. TikTok - trending style for videos, a carousel post with music can work too.

  4. X and Blog - great for backlinks.

  5. Pinterest - organic pins and ads.

  6. Website and Landing Page links.

  7. Email marketing with links.

  8. In store promotions - postcards in bags is a great way to increase return customers.

  9. Billboards and bus benches are great for big promotions.

With so many more options to advertise, you can see that The Rule of 7 in advertising is now obselete. Quality ads are better than quanitity. Be memorable, not miserable!

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