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Next Level Marketing

How to go from good to great

It's getting more competitive for customer's dollars in this economy. Hopefully, things will improve soon, but while we await a better days there are positive actions that you can take to increase your business with our next level marketing programs.

Our next level marketing programs involve an in-depth strategic marketing analysis that incorporate the past, future and present data. This knowledge will create a comprehensive marketing plan that will increase your marketshare to new customers, retain current customers, and regain the trust of customers that may have abandoned your brand.

Our strategic programs consist of:

Past data - analyzing what has worked, and not worked in the past. We cherry pick through your current marketing to separate the wheat from the chaff. For example: we found that reels featuring popular employees did well on socials, so we placed products in the background of videos while employees did skits or interviews. (You can buy Instagram's monthly business subscription and add links to reels for instant ROI)

Future data - trend forecasting, analyzing buying patterns, mixed with a good dose of consumer psychology to be able to make accurate predictions of what your customers future interests will be. For example: we suggested to a local pub that if they wanted to attract a younger crowd, have an impressive and affordable mocktail menu with food pairings. Data has shown that 18-25 year olds are not drinking as much as the older generations. The trial run went very well and is now a part of their regular offerings.

Present data - is all about measuring current systems. For example: we reviewed a client's email list system (CRM) and discovered that email lists were not being separated by location, but rather going onto one list. We started collecting and separating emails by location and sales increased at one of their newer establishments because we already knew which products were popular at different demographics.

To achieve next level marketing through strategic thinking you have to be comfortable with letting us comb through your data, we look for gaps in your marketing, and then we continue to hone and improve the content until the business gets to the next level. Then we start again and look for improvements or other sales verticals to keep the upward momentum going.

Your business can thrive in a slow down because there are business owners not willing to double down on marketing investments. The more accurate your marketing is, the more efficient your customer acquisition costs are (CAC) and strategic marketing will pay off for years to come. Contact us for a free estimate and to get started today.

Next Level Marketing climbing the ladder to success


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