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Menu Development Tips

Here is a list of ten things to keep in mind when planning your menu:

  1. Keep your ingredients agile - plan with the seasons and use many seasonal products

  2. Keep your menu small - no more than seven items per main category

  3. Anchoring and bundling can maximize revenue

  4. Use the decoy effect on high margin items to sell more

  5. High quality photos of dishes increases sales by 30%

  6. Menu frequency rate - are your dishes so versatile that guests return often?

  7. Customer retention rate - you want guests craving your food!

  8. Cross-utilization of ingredients - using the same ingredients for different dishes is smart

  9. People scan menus in a "Z" pattern, place highly profitable items there

  10. Cohesive theme of dishes - too much variety or infusion is off putting

One of our favourite restaurant ideas at the moment is Flights Las Vegas , great theme with an easy to understand menu. Versatile, memorable and profitable are crucial for menu development.


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