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Marketing Plans for Start-Ups

Congrats! You have just found the perfect location for your new business! What now?

We’ve compiled a basic marketing plan list for start ups before your grand opening. We’ve opened over 80 stores for individuals, franchisees, and corporate companies, we know what it takes to get your business started and successful in the first 30 days.


  • Create all logos, taglines and mission statements

  • Buy all domain options of this name for branding protection

  • Start the trademark process

  • All digital files will be created for easy use on all different platforms and products


  • Create all on-boarding and training materials according to your brand guidelines

  • Create your intranet portal for employees to log-in and start their modules

  • Order uniforms with your new branding


  • Order your signage

  • Order your merch

  • Order your packaging

  • Reserve all of your social media profiles

  • Create an exciting landing page with a hiring portal and subscriber form

  • Share the entire start up process on TikTok, this is a great way to get people interested in supporting you. Viewers love to see the behind the scenes, the nitty gritty on what it takes to open a business. People love to cheer you on, maybe some people will be haters, but those mean comments can sometimes bolster more support from others in your community

  • Start working on the backend of the launch page with SEO and building the other pages

  • As soon as the store is up and running, take professional photos with models in your merch for Google business page, website banners, social media, digital ads, and anything else you want to advertise on. (Bus benches, posters, billboards, mailers)

  • Build out your entire website and make updates daily as the grand opening nears

  • Create a grand opening campaign, the first impression is the most important part of your start-up success

  • If your social media is taking off, offer a special promotion to your viewers to see the location before opening. Create a beautiful experience for them and hopefully they will post on their own accounts about the business

  • Offer a generous discount just for subscribers from your website, a little VIP treat thanking them for signing up

Keep filming! If you built a following with your behind the scenes, keep it up! People love to see a business grow, share funny anecdotes of the day, share news on your staff or how you have to place more orders for packaging. Read comments to gain insights on what your viewers think of your business and where you could grow next. Ask your viewers for advice, it’s like free focus groups from real fans. Brooki is a great example of this.

Start up marketing plans like Brooke bakehouse


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