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Marketing Guarantees

Are marketing results guaranteed?

Yes, absolutely! There is one caveat to our guarantees and that would be the requirement to follow our suggested strategies. When we create your marketing plan, many hours of research goes into what would work specifically for your industry, target audience and what is trending.

Small things such as caption or hashtag changes, geotags, music changes, changes to posting times are examples that can negatively affect the results of your campaigns. We love to work with clients that allow a teensy bit of freedom in the beginning to evaluate and experiment with different messaging, tone and target audience campaigns.

When we takeover an existing brand, or create a new brand, it can take a bit of time for Google to start indexing pages, digital ads to start gaining traction, and social media posts to generate larger audiences. There are shortcuts to gaining traction, namely a large advertising budget, clickbait tactics or trending videos, but it depends on the value and authenticity of the brand to suggest these types of shortcuts.

The larger the marketing budget, the easier it is guarantee results. Consistent high quality photography, set styling, models, videography, writing, design and editing play a large part in success. Impactful marketing can be done on smaller budgets, a very competitive offer, personable service, thoughtful or humorous content can go far for start-up businesses.

We definitely guarantee our results because we want our clients to be wildly successful. We love to see the sales and morale boosts when a video takes off and new business is flowing. It can be difficult to embrace new marketing people and strategies, but we guarantee it is worth it!

Guaranteed marketing results - marketing and business owner reviewing strategies


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