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Marketing Agency vs In-House

It's smart to maximize your marketing dollars with an agency, rather than one marketing employee, even more so than investing in a marketing department.

We've crunched the numbers and hiring an agency has far more benefits than hiring in-house for your marketing. Here are nine reasons why:

Employment costs - Payroll benefits, health benefits, overtime, sick time, down time, on-call costs, vacation pay, termination pay can add thousands of dollars in costs that your business would not have with an agency.

Office drama - Agencies do not get embroiled in office dramas, their focus is stay on top of trends and are 100% focused on results of the business, rather than trying to be part of the group. Also, no worries about quiet quitting when you hire a great agency like us!

Employees want to work from home - it's really hard to find motivated employees that want to work in an office, especially if their home set-up is better than what the business has to offer. It's way more advantageous to have a team working on your marketing than one person that may, or may not, hit the quarterly goals.

Cohesion - Great agencies have their staffing worked out, no need to worry about having to hire more staff, they have hired their contractors and employees already and have vetted them for their talents and capabilities. Great agency owners have built their team, everyone works well together which offers much better results for your business.

Equipment costs - Software, photography equipment, studio rentals, staging props, file management, office space is all included when you hire an agency. These items are very expensive, agencies spread the cost of their overhead with numerous clients.

Better quality - It's very rare to find one or two employees that have the capabilities that are required for a robust marketing plan. Photographers, writers, artists, videographers, 3D animators, website developers are usually experts in one of each skill. Your business can access all this talent with an agency.

Faster turnaround - More talent, better results. A great agency like ours, we have the scalability to exceed targets on budget.

Diverse expertise - One significant benefit of hiring a marketing agency lies in the diversity of expertise that agencies bring to the table. Unlike an in-house team, agencies work across various industries, accumulating insights, and best practices that can be applied to different business scenarios. This diversity often translates to fresh perspectives and innovative approaches, crucial elements in the rapidly evolving world of marketing.

Significant savings - Expensive agencies are a thing of the past, you might assume that agencies with their comprehensive skill set, would come with a hefty price tag. Surprisingly, agencies can often offer competitive rates because they don't burden businesses with additional costs. Their streamlined processes and ability to scale efficiently contribute to cost savings while increasing the quality of service.

In conclusion, agencies have a much larger investment in your business than a salaried or hourly worker. When it's a marketing agency vs in-house employee, a great agency will win every time. Contact us today to reach new heights with your business!

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