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Instagram Ad Accounts

How to fix your restricted Instagram ad account

This blog spills the secrets on how to get around Instagram ad restrictions if your account has been blocked from boosting or advertising on Instagram. Disclaimer: This is not advice for illegal practices, political ads, or accounts with a bad standing with Instagram.

Instagram's ad accounts can be tricky for any account in good standing, if your ad account has been restricted and every ad you try to boost/advertise is not approved, here is a list of things we do for clients that you can try on your own:

  1. Does your post or ad have too much writing on the design?

  2. Are you using the correct hashtags? Some hashtags can have other meanings and have been flagged by Ai.

  3. Is your ad account tied to a verified person? Very important that you can verify the identity of the person placing the ad.

  4. Is the email attached to your ad account a real account?

  5. Does your email contain any restricted words like JoeSmith420@gmail, for example.

  6. Is your post/ad in high resolution?

  7. Does the photo have any restricted images, such as liquor, curse words, smoking, vaping, showing too much skin?

  8. Is the caption and hashtags ad friendly?

  9. Is the computer or VPN you are using to place ads local to the area you are advertising in?

  10. Is the personal account attached to your ad account in good standing?

  11. Delete any third party apps

  12. Delete any past promotions

If all of these questions above are not a concern, and your Instagram ads are still getting flagged, you can advertise on Facebook and set the ads to show on Instagram too. We have had great success with restricted client account using Facebook stories.

If you need assistance with your digital ad campaigns, contact us here.

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