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Influencer Traits

How to get popular on social media

We've been analyzing popular creators on TikTok and these traits are common in all of them:

  1. They look into the camera, rather than looking at their own reflection.

  2. They are crowd pleasers, they read their comments and follow up on comments directly in a post, or they adapt their content to comments.

  3. Their responses to comments are funny and kind.

  4. They respond to at least 5-10 comments within a few minutes.

  5. They like comments, at least 10-20 on each post.

  6. They read their snark pages and hate comments, and adjust as needed.

  7. They use the filter option on their comments wisely.

  8. They never react negatively to snark or hateful comments.

  9. They know how to tell a story, they narrate and edit well.

  10. They are careful not to have too many ads, and when they have ads, they do them well.

  11. They are consistent in their posting and have a YouTube posting schedule.

  12. When shooting travel content they show the scenery rather than their face.

  13. They use trending audios really well

If you want to get popular on social media, start using these influencer traits in your videos.

Snark and hate comments can be very useful when starting out, it's honest feedback. It's hard to read because of the rude tone, but if you find the tidbit of truth in it, the haters can help your popularity grow.

The worse thing any creator can do is double down. If there is one thing we've noticed with the donwfall of certain influencers, is that narcissistic types always double down. Keep it light, keep it fresh and always keep it moving.

how to be a great influencer on social media


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