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Improve the bait 🎣

Business owners will say, “It’s just social media, who cares?”

If you want to catch something good, you need the best bait. It’s always a competitive market to attract and keep excellent employees. They're called Instagram reels for a reason!

First impressions are lasting, if you have hiring ads up, one of the first places potential candidates check is your Instagram. Potential hires are looking at your grid assessing if they would like to join the team, if they like the products, and if they like the overall vibe and culture.

As a business owner, you want your staff to be excited about the company, as they will be involved in the company’s overall success.

If your Instagram grid is lame, messy and uninspiring, how likely is your business to attract great hires? Even worse, they might think you’re a disorganized owner and they get hired knowing they can take full advantage of a job that lacks processes and standards.

People get a lot of their identity from the job, they don’t want to work at an embarrassing brand. Dumb brand name = bottom of the barrel employees and existing employees have no intrinsic buy-in with the company. This will hurt your bottom line drastically.

Employees want to work somewhere they are proud to say they work at.

After potential hires look at your Instagram, they will review your website. Has it been updated? Does it look organized and easy to navigate? Does it perform perfectly on mobile? Remove any barriers of confusion with flawless UX/UI design because it pays to always put your best foot forward online and irl. Improve the bait on Instagram reels for more reach, engaged staff and bigger profits.

Contact us about our comprehensive hiring package. We write professional and HR approved hiring ads, create on-boarding materials, training web portals and exciting uniform designs. Everything your business needs to attract and retain great staff!

Instagram reels, attract your top staff and customers with AWAKE Marketing


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