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How to use QR codes

QR Codes done correctly equals high conversion rates

Using QR codes in outdoor signage takes great strategy, here are ways to use QR codes correctly in outdoor advertising:

  1. QR codes will only be scanned with a great offer attached

  2. Make sure the billboard is in a safe place to scan

  3. Have the QR code link to a custom landing page to track visitors directly

  4. Have another offer available on the landing page for better ROI

  5. Change out the billboard after a few weeks, keep the ads fresh

  6. Add a share option on your page to gain free awareness

  7. Make it a limited time offer for quicker turnaround

Great places to use QR code ads:

  1. Side streets with good foot traffic

  2. Inside public transportation

  3. Shopping centres

  4. Sports arenas

  5. Ensure the billboard is close to your location

  6. Large campuses

  7. Tradeshows

QR codes can be a great way to advertise when there's a very good call to action, otherwise QR codes can be really cringey and they are also ugly, so keep the advertisement super simple.

QR code billboard on side street


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