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Free Social Media Course

Take advantage of our Free Marketing Course to answer these course questions below, if you want to learn more about improving your brand's mission and insights.

  1. How do you envision social media helping to improve your brand's overall image and reputation?

  2. Are there specific aspects of your products or services that you'd like to highlight or showcase to your audience?

  3. How do you see social media contributing to building stronger relationships with your existing customers?

  4. Are there any values or messages you want to convey to your audience through your social media presence?

  5. Do you believe that engaging with your audience on social media can help improve customer loyalty and retention? If yes, how?

  6. How important is it for your brand to be seen as innovative and forward-thinking in your industry?

  7. Can social media play a role in recruiting and retaining top talent for your company? If yes, how?

  8. How do you envision social media helping you stay connected with industry trends and consumer preferences?

  9. What other benefits or opportunities do you see social media offering your business beyond direct sales?

  10. Are there any untapped opportunities or niche markets that you think social media could help you explore and reach? If yes, list them.

  11. How might social media help to humanize your brand and showcase the people behind your company, such as employees or leadership?

  12. How does social media play a role in gathering feedback and insights from your customers to improve your products or services?

  13. How do you envision using engaging content on social media to position your brand as the go-to choice for larger customers looking for reliable and trustworthy partners?

If you would like feedback and assistance in answering questions from our free social media course, you can contact us here

Awake Marketing Free Marketing Course - eager student in classroom with hand up


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