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Flagged for Review

Are you brave enough to use Instagram's latest feature?

We are brave enough! We clicked our follower count at the top of our Instagram page, and scrolled through the accounts that have been flagged for review. We thought the accounts looked suspicious and we removed all the flagged accounts with a click of a button. Our follower account went down by 120 followers, but our ratings skyrocketed.

We aren't into vanity metrics, and we definitely recommend maintaining a healthy account status to our clients. Our motto is bffr, you aren't fooling anyone with your fake followers. If you have 8K followers and 6 likes, it's very obvious.

People can look up your follower authenticity on sites like UpGrow. We just checked our Instagram and our engagement rate and 0% fake followers is great! We are loving this new feature because it saves so much time manually going through our followers to find the bots.

If your social media accounts are not growing and you think your brand has to rely on fake followers, it's time to modernize your marketing. Hire us to remove those fake followers and start growing a real following with cutting edge content that will attract new fans!

Real instagram metrics are better than fake ones.


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