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Demand Marketing

Demand marketing focuses on creating and driving demand for a product or service. Unlike traditional marketing approaches that may emphasize brand awareness or general promotion, demand marketing is 100% geared towards generating interest and desire among potential customers.

By strategically implementing various marketing activities, demand marketing aims to stimulate and fulfill this demand. It involves understanding customer needs, creating targeted campaigns, and using data-driven insights to optimize strategies for driving measurable results.

Some great examples of demand marketing are:

24/7 chat line on website: nurturing latent demand visitors into full demand with friendly conversations

Email marketing: informing latent or irregular demand type subscribers into a purchase with secret promo code or VIP passes

Advertising giveaways: converting no demand viewers with an incentive to purchase. Free trial offers, free shipping, buy one get one free offers for example

Brand deals: leveraging followers on an influencer’s account that are your ideal target audience with the influencer showcasing your product and actively participating on the post by answering questions and hyping up the influencer

Mention notifications: seizing the opportunity when the company is mentioned and following up in a timely manner can convert viewers quickly by building trust

We are great at demand marketing, we know how to create a buzz and create processes for following up with all of the attention generated. Contact us now for rates!

Marketing meme about waiting for sales instead of having a clear process and demand marketing strategy


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