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Celebrity BlockOut

The celebrity blockout is happening, millions of people are blocking high profiles on social media to stop the ad money and monetization to celebrities.

The MetGala theme has angered Americans, especially a tiktokker that dressed in an over the top Marie Antoinette style gown and headpiece lip synching to the let them eat cake audio.

The whole gala is completely tone deaf and insensitive.

The MetGala has recently been compared to District One in the Hunger Games, and with the economic crisis right on the heels of the pandemic, previous fans are now fighting back by blocking celebs and influencers.

It’s a smart trend, when you block profiles, the monetized posts, sponsorships or ads are also blocked. When done in large masses, the algorithm will have to be updated to target different users.

Between boycotts and blockouts, the best social media strategy would be to start showing sincere appreciation, be humble, and start sharing the wealth. Up and coming wannabe influencers are getting dragged hard on Reddit for their hauls and unboxing videos. Brands are getting cancelled for their over-the-top brand trips, there are so many comments asking brands why they aren't giving these trips to loyal customers, rather than influencers that only showcase their products a few times and then never again.

P.S. For more celebrity blockouts, go on Google and find celebrity ads and click "not interested", that will negatively effect brand and celebrity monetization. The celebrity blockout will not be ending anytime soon, previous fans are starting to learn how to balance the inequality. If you are subscribed to brand emails, send them a direct message, or email, and unsubscribe from their email lists. If the companies continue to send emails after you have unsubscribed, you can report the companies to

MetGala 2024  HayleyBaley gets cancelled along with the celebrity blockout


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