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Agile and Always On Content

A quick blog on what is agile content and always on content

Agile content marketing involves creating and adapting content quickly in response to changing market conditions or audience feedback. If a topic or audio goes viral, or you see a popular meme that is relevant for your business, by quickly creating interesting content, your social proof will grow by leaps and bounds. By being agile, you can capitalize on trends while it's still relevant and top of mind for consumers. A great example is using Instagram reels or TikTok videos for brand agility.

Always on content marketing involves creating consistent, ongoing content that provides value to your audience over time. For instance, a business should maintain a blog where they regularly publish how-to guides, promote industry insights, and case studies related to their product offerings. This content serves as a resource for their audience, establishing the company as a trusted authority in their field and keeping customers engaged between product launches or major marketing campaigns. A great example is using Instagram highlights for consistent information like store hours.

In practice, agile content marketing might involve launching a series of targeted Facebook ads to test different messaging or imagery, quickly adapting ads based on performance data to optimize results. Always on content marketing might include maintaining a YouTube channel with regular video uploads covering topics of interest to the brand's audience, such as product tutorials, behind-the-scenes footage, or customer testimonials.

Both approaches are valuable in their own right. Agile content marketing allows brands to stay responsive and relevant in a fast-paced digital landscape, while always on content marketing provides a solid foundation for ongoing engagement and relationship-building with your audience.

When integrated effectively, agile and always-on content marketing strategies complement each other, helping brands maintain a dynamic and engaging online presence while also providing consistent value to their audience over time.

Always on content or agile content - awake marketing blog explains the differences and benefits of each


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