Our client wanted to know why would customers shop with them, if they can buy it online for less? 

We reframed the concern by answering with another question, "Why would people eat out, if they can eat at home at a fraction of the cost?" 




Our first strategy was to improve the experience of their customer on all levels; by creating consistent campaigns that their targeted audience could enjoy wherever they were. We improved their sales and foot traffic exponentially by delivering  digital and real life experiences through an intuitive website that was simple to navigate, full of highly desirable photographs, live chat that was available until 10 p.m. every evening and a mobile coupon that would track site user conversions. 


We built sales communication tools for their floor staff that would enhance their social media presence and we used consistent ambassadors for their brand recognition. We reframed hiring techniques to strengthen their brand, by filtering for sales staff that were passionate about technology and they innately offered to assist clients by communicating in real time about new stock, layaways, holds and promotions.   


Every sales member was given a login to the website, so that they could converse with their customers through the portal app. The client and marketing team were able to audit conversations in real time to discover what customers were asking for, what their concerns were, and how they could help them quickly. The procurement department was given a list of the most popular items, so they could order restock in the right sizes within a short timeframe. 


Our common sense solutions raised sales by 120%  by the second month, and their staff were receiving bonus commissions. There were less returns on items in the following months because we replaced the impulse-buy with a well thought out marketing plan that we deemed "The Closet of Eternal Staples".  It was easy for customers to take photos of their existing wardrobe and their salesperson could send back photos of inventory that may be complimentary with their existing color palette and style. 


The experience that we delivered worked wonders; rather than having an adversarial relationship with technology, the client was able to see that technology would elevate their existing locations by offering a first class experience in all aspects of the buying process. We saved our client tens of thousands of dollars by rescuing them from initiating their own e-commerce site and allocated a portion of their savings into creating a first class experience for their clientele. 

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