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Viral This Week

Trump is on TikTok

Dana White announces that Trump is on TikTok at last night's UFC fight, and after only one video has already amassed 2.6M followers, 46M views, 100K comments, 350K shares.

The memes are coming in hot, the supporters are thrilled, and Trump's online presence will keep skyrocketing especially after his criminal felony charges.

Like it or not, politics sways marketing in North America in a big way. Even as Canadians, our consumer psychology is majorly affected by changes in leadership of the G8 countries. Yes, I included Russia, since Britian has announced conscription starting in September 2025.

Whatever is going on politically has a huge impact on the economy, and on our marketing choices. If people have hope, they start spending more, if they are discouraged, they stop spending.

So Trump being wildly successful on TikTok would forecast that Americans are hopeful for improvements in November's election, and that will affect Canadians in many ways, if the U.S. dollar gets even stronger, there will be less vacations to the U.S. If we were advising a travel company, for instance, we would push staycations or visiting other countries with a better exchange rate.

Politics and marketing go hand-in-hand in strategic forecasting, when a country is on the upswing, marketing dollars are spent differently. It's important to have a marketing team that knows what went viral this week, because everything is connected.

Trump is on TikTok, an American flag


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