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TikTok is the New Google

TikTok search is 4D while Google feels like a cluttered library of word salad.

13 reasons why TikTok search is superior to Google:

  1. POV videos

  2. Live streaming

  3. Accurate location tags

  4. Thoughtfully designed comment sections with limited characters, great safety filters, personalized filters and anti-bullying

  5. Longer captions are on its own background for easier reading and not directly on the video itself

  6. Dates are automatically added to the video

  7. Long version videos up to 30 minutes now

  8. It's easy to save a video and add to categories

  9. Download option on videos

  10. Automatic translations for narrations and comments in your language of choice

  11. TikTok app and Desktop both work well

  12. Ad filters and "Not Interested" options

  13. Direct links are not allowed in comments, but they are easy to copy and paste

Users claim to search TikTok first for the most up-to-date information, then maybe Google for broader information, if it’s available, and then Chat GPT or Ai to check if there’s more information that they might not have thought of.

TikTok's features make searching more enjoyable. Platforms have not updated to video because of the expense. Video is quicker, it’s in real time, and video doesn’t require enormous amounts of reading comprehension and clicking.

TikTok narration automatically translates to your language pretty accurately, it’s amazing to watch POV videos from other countries, and understand what is being said. Translating comments is easy too.

The save to list feature on TikTok is helpful, how in the world do you save something in Google? Bookmark or print it? When you print a Google page, it has 14 ads between the article. Ink is expensive, and don’t get us started on paywalls.

TikTok is the new Google because Google feels like too many gatekeepers, with too many ads, making current information hard to find, and hard to save. TikTok search is jet fuel while Google is a dusty dewey decimal system. We definitely still need libraries, but we don't like to visit cluttered archives very often.

Archie Comic about how Google is a library and TikTok is a search engine


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