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Realistic Social Media Goals

The investment in your social media depends on many factors, here are a few:

  1. Your location

  2. Are you selling online

  3. If you have a personal account

  4. Your budget

  5. The weather or climate

  6. News in the world

If your business is mainly walk-ins and you live in a small community, if you post too often it could lead to less sales, as people might think you are desperate, and they are waiting for discounts.

If you are selling online, you can post more often, as your business reach is unfettered by small areas.

If you have a personal account, you can post a lot of business adjacent topics on your own account that will help endear you to your following.

If you have a small social media budget, it's best to maximize your reach with the highest quality items for your grid, and be more playful in your own personal account or business stories. Your grid should look like the pages of a magazine, very well balanced and high quality images. You can add more lo-fi to your personal account.

If you live in a smaller community, the weather and world news plays a huge factor in the likability of your business. You must be able to "read the room", if people are snowed in, or a hurricane is on its way, change up your socials with a few tips on weathering the storm, rather than selling a product that is not relevant to the day's challenges.

Be conscious of what is going on in the world, if there have been unprecedented news, review your social posts to see if they can be postponed and maybe stay off social media for the day out of respect for others.

a graph explaining a social media strategy with how many times to post and why
Social Media Strategy for 2024


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