Turning a traditional family restaurant into an instagrammable wonder was our task. Luckily, we had a client that was open to anything and when we pitched a few minor interior changes such as letting natural light flow in, white marble countertops, white tablecloths, and new white dishware; they were more than a little curious. We went even farther as to propose a new, smaller, more modern menu that changed often, based on real-time consumer trending data. 


We preserved the great reputation of the restaurant, and slowly introduced the changes over a period of six months. We did not post any changes online, as we did not want to rattle the existing clientele. Long standing staff was trained on the importance of professional photography, videography, touch-ups, and editing, and we nixed all unflattering tags and mentions on all social media platforms. 


We replaced the heavy menus with recyclable legal sized paper menus that would eventually carry rotating cocktails and menu items. We devised a secret menu that we would post on Instagram stories for the loyal followers and we created FOMO organically. We captured genuinely satisfied customers, devouring their easy-to-digest meals, in a bright and comfortable environment for social media platforms and print work.  The restaurant social media following grew organically from 800 to 8,000 within 12 months. We also created a personal social media presence for the owner, because he was a well known, out-going business personality that needed an outlet for him to network in. He was also able to promote his brand from another platform that was wildly successful and entertaining. 


The client saved hundreds of thousands in renovations, by revamping what they already had.  The  smaller, rotating menu reduced food waste dramatically and the reservations started to book well in advance. We also implemented a scheduling app for their BOH and FOH staff that gave their employees flexibility and autonomy to cover their own shifts, dramatically improving the manager's efficiency and staff morale


We kept the website simple and posted all new menu updates on Instagram highlights with many accessible links for desktop and mobile. We partnered with UberEats and offered only the most ideal menu items for delivery. We nixed certain items for delivery and their Yelp and Google review scores and comments improved. 




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