An architectural firm that was struggling asked us for assistance with their RFP processes. We streamlined their RFP with an easy-to-use template. We amalgamated complicated and confusing steps in their government RFP requirements by having each architect's and assistant's bios readily available to insert into the RFP. 

We spent countless hours researching successful ways to win bids, speaking with contacts in their industry and what it would take to catch the eye of the government officials in a very competitive arena.  The strategy that we laid out was to showcase the architect's experiences on each project, with a list of specific projects that were similar to the project that they were bidding on. By customizing each bio to each project, removing projects that were not applicable and tailoring the architect's applicable experiences, we were able to create an easier to read and a shorter version for the officials to review. We highlighted and bolded the areas of applicable expertise for an added boost. These small, yet mighty, steps gave the firm the much-needed advantage in winning several bids in a row. They were able to expand their offices and have kept our RFP processes to this day. 

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