The best advice I ever learned in fifteen years of franchise development is that the franchisee must be treated exactly like a VIP customer. Technically, they are purchasing your products and investing in your brand, so it makes sense on all levels. Franchisees that receive quick support for time-sensitive questions, assistance for effective marketing and on-going training will be loyal for decades.  The answer to quick growth is having passionate and competent multi-unit owners because it streamlines the learning curve. 


Ten ways a franchise will stay nimble: 

1. The product procurement department is working overtime to source exciting products at a variety of costs

2. The distribution team  follows sales data and ships products to where they will most likely sell quickly

3. The buying team communicates months in advance about product details so the marketing team can prepare effective print & digital ads

4. The C level executives are involved at both the ground floor and Board of Directors levels

5. District managers have no more than 30 stores to support within a small travel radius

6. Disgruntled franchisees have an impartial and competent ombudsman to contact when needing clarification

7. The real estate department has the budget to fly to new building sites personally to get a feel for the area 

8. The franchise sales team works closely with real estate to sell viable locations once the developer has broken ground 

9. The marketing department uses all advertising platforms with accurate content that has a wow factor 

10. Franchisees are motivated, they trust the system they invested in and work hard to create goodwill in their communities

The way that Franchise Law is written, it encourages potential franchisees to contact existing franchisees during the due diligence phase. When a franchise is being operated well and treats their franchisees fairly, the network can expand rapidly because of goodwill amongst its owners.

This is why treating your franchisees as VIP makes a lot of sense! 

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