How does it work?

Trusting others with your business's success is a complex relationship. Marketing and Advertising efforts take time and require highly targeted expertise.  We navigate the beginning stages of projects with a discovery stage to unearth the mission and goals of the client. 

The discovery stage is a series of conversations to hone and sharpen the context of the goals.

What do I need to do as a 

business owner?

Relationships succeed with timely responses. If you prefer to be very hands-on with your business dealings, we would ask that feedback is received within a very short time frame. Social Media Marketing happens 24/7 and peak times are usually on weekends. We create different campaigns around peak times and slow times, depending on your business goals. 

We prefer to create campaigns a month or two in advance, so there is time for rework assignments, revisions and printing turnover. 

What is the ROI?

The Return of Investment in Marketing and Advertising is easier to track now. Data and Analytics feedback is amazing. If you love to interact with your customers and see in real time who is visiting your site, we are designated design experts with a popular hosting site that offers an app that will offer instant connection to your visitors.  

Social Media likes and follows can correlate with your business success in most instances. We believe in organic growth. It does take time, and if our clients can resist the temptation of looking popular on social media, your algorithms will work. 

Why do we ask about your exit strategy?

In our due diligence phase, one of our questions is your personal exit strategy for your business. A robust advertising and online presence will do wonders for your sale price, because the hard work has been done. A current and modern website, an authentic social following, with a successful marketing campaign history and future marketing calendar can be considered part of the goodwill during sale negotiations. 

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