We have been involved in cannabis expansion since 2014, and have seen firsthand the challenges of State versus Federal legalization in California. 

When Canada became the first G-8 legalized country, we had high expectations for opportunity. The Cannabis Act, product shortages, operating licenses stalled, nationwide product recalls and gouging landlords have created a predictable scenario of they who have the most resources will last.

Here are a few tips to maximize growth in this emerging market:

  1. Have a clear brand - if you have to explain it, it's too late.

  2. Have a clear message: are you offering information or entertainment? (or both)

  3. Store layout - keep your store small and jam packed with products. Optimize your sales per square foot. 

  4. Ensure that your store is easy to access for anyone with mobility issues. 

  5. Create the coolest branded merchandise 

  6. Keep a separate e-commerce website for the non essentials that you are allowed to promote online - it will keep your brand right in front of your target audience without any risk of your licensed being revoked. 

  7. Create a die hard fan base, host parties, be generous with your merchandise. Make an amazing online presence. We have noticed that recreational cannabis users are clamoring for acceptance and community. 

  8. Arrange your product selection from highest THC with the lowest price. Most people want a big bang for their buck.

  9. Train your staff to talk about taste, the taste and pairings of cannabis is allowed and is important.

  10. Open the purse strings and let the staff sample some product. How can they sell it, if they have no idea what it looks/smells/feels like up close.

  11. Constantly ask  local media and influencers for shout outs, the $1.80 strategy by Gary Vee

  12. Go to your city hall and keep asking for extras - a bud bar, a consumption area at festivals. Be a squeaky wheel. 

  13. If you find great work candidates, give them a refund on their QCW and pay them a living wage. The job at a dispensary requires an interest in biology, horticulture and sociology. 

  14. Optimize floor space by constantly inviting licensed producers to engage with your customers, offering them free information and merchandise.

  15. Tag the licensed producers, create a friendly relationship with the LP's

  16. Talk/Blog/Vlog/Video about new strains that are coming available, do reviews of product, connect with your community on a daily basis. Keep it fast paced and interesting. 

  17. Find the most affordable and unique cannabis accessories and market it to the hilt.

  18. Set up in store pick up with the app Weedmaps

  19. Create a company leafly profile and review strains, comment on strains, get your SEO optimized.

  20. Create a Spotify account and have your community follow for best tracks. 

  21. Hire an experienced marketing agency like us! 

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