Own an agency

We have the brand, now we need the bandwidth.  We are branching out our company to a chosen few that meet our franchise requirements. Our structuring is similar to National  agencies that recruit talent by offering them a partnership for an investment, we can offer a similar opportunity. There is strength in numbers and we will be able to pitch large accounts with a network of agencies across North America. 

What are the financial requirements?

We require an up-front investment of $25,000 for the franchise fee, and this will cover  initial training and your location set up costs. We have a full breakdown of fees in our investment summary. There is a 6% royalty, plus a 4% marketing fee on gross sales. 

What are the intangible requirements?

Marketing is like having a business and psychology major wrapped up into one. It takes an enormous amount of skill, savvy and knowledge to negotiate successfully with clients. We help you navigate each client like they are VIP; we will support and assist you with supporting and assisting the AWAKE clientele with positive energy and amazing results. 

We are passionate about building businesses;  the AWAKE clientele, your franchise and our franchise network. There is strength in the collective and we will be able to tackle National bids with offices all over North America. If you are a photographer, graphic designer, content writer, or preferably, all of the above, we can help you diversify your talents and learn how to run a successful agency. 

How to apply for a franchise? 

1. We ask that you email us with your interest 

2. What area of Canada you would like to develop?

3. What is your timeframe? 

4.  Supply us with any profile links to your portfolio

5. We will be in touch within 24 - 48 hours to set up a time to discuss your interests 

6. We will send you our in-depth application after our first phone call, and both parties mutually feel there is potential for a positive working relationship

7. Return your franchise application 

8. Travel to Calgary, Alberta for an in-person meeting 

9. Receive our Disclosure and Franchise Agreement and sign a no-obligation acknowledgement of receiving the FDD

10. Due Diligence phase where applicable

11. Signing of FDD with your own counsel, courier us one original signed copy for our records

12. Submit  franchise fee

13. New AWAKE Franchisee  will receive our agency best practice manual, as well as, an in-depth business development manual

14. An AWAKE executive will train with you for 3 - 5 business days in your area to assist you in starting your agency. Our AWAKE team at HQ will create all digital collateral for your start - up, order your printed materials with your new agency address and help you get started sourcing viable clients. 

15. We will have weekly reports and conversations, and supply any services needed to assist you in landing new accounts. AWAKE HQ will support you with written proposals, contracts, negotiation experience and can support any clients with many locations. We have excellent business support software that will assist in the day-to-day tasks of running your very own agency with excellence. 

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